Counterfeit Perfumes Can Harm Your Skin Gravely. Buy from Trusted Source

Americans are expected to spend $18.2 billion on Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation. Unfortunately, some of that amount may be diverted by counterfeiters attempting to cash in on that with phony goods.

“Valentine’s Day is coming up. So you’ll see an uptick in counterfeit colognes, perfumes cause those are common gifts,” said Jason Molina, an assistant special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigation’s New York field office.

Counterfeit goods are estimated to bring in $600-$700 billion a year worldwide, according to Molina—and that figure is growing. In fiscal year 2016, the Department of Homeland Security counterfeit good seizures were up 9 percent over the comparable year-ago period.

Not only is that money diverted from legitimate business, it can also fund other illicit activities.

“Billions of dollars that are made from these items can go to fund terrorist organizations and go fund other criminal elements throughout the world,” said Molina.

Agents and investigators from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Department of Homeland Security are on the front lines of trying to stop the phony goods from entering the country.

It’s the proverbial needle in the haystack, as eleven million shipping containers—each with as many as 2,000 boxes—enter the U.S. annually through various ports.


Government agents inspect a shipment from China

Recently, CNBC was on site when investigators examined a shipment entering a port in the Metropolitan New York-New Jersey. The entire shipment was believed to contain counterfeit perfumes, tucked away in just one of 3,000 containers that arrive at this hub daily.

With so many containers arriving each day, investigators say it’s impossible to check each one. If CPB attempted to check every shipment, they say it could potentially grind economic activity to a halt. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates that total North American freight activity is worth billions a year.

“We want to try to facilitate the legitimate cargo from coming into the country, and concentrate on the small percentage of volatile merchandise,” said Al D’Onofrio, a CPB inspections chief.

Agents rely on what they call a risk based approach, checking the containers they think could be the most dangerous. One way to filter shipments is by manifests, which are filed before the containers arrive.


A government agent inspecting a shipment finds a bottle of what is believed to be counterfeit Chanel perfume.

When the perfume shipment was opened, agents found bottles of Versace, Chanel, and Juicy Couture perfumes.

“The labeling is telling me it’s from France, but yet it’s coming from China, clear indication that this is going be counterfeit merchandise,” said D’Onofrio.

Approximately 88 percent of counterfeit goods come in from China or Hong Kong, according to Homeland Security’s Molina. Meanwhile, those phony scents may contain dangerous chemicals.

“You may be getting a $100 bottle of perfume for $20, but what’s in that perfume? … The counterfeiters have no standards,” Molina said. “We’ve seen lead. We’ve seen arsenic. We’ve seen rat droppings.”

The perfume shipment will be sent for further testing

“We’re going to verify our instinct and that this is counterfeit by sending it to our import specialist, and they’re going make the final determination of the product. If it’s determined to be counterfeit, we will seize it, and eventually it will be destroyed, if it’s not part of any type of criminal investigation,” said CPB’s D’Onofrio.

If it was not stopped, agents suspect the perfumes would have been sold at small retailers and online.

How to make sure perfume isn’t counterfeit

There are a few hints that a perfume may not be legitimate, officials said. If the price seems too cheap, that should be a red flag. Buying perfume from well know retailers and online sellers is the best way to ensure it’s real.

“My main tip is to buy it from a legitimate source,” D’Onofrio said.

When purchasing perfume from other places, take a look at the package. “Some of the packaging, some of the labeling, the pictures on there could be a flat appearance where it looks like it’s faded out, and doesn’t have sharpness to it,” said D’Onofrio.

If you have the opportunity to open the package, you can check the quality and feel of the bottle.

“Putting it in your hand and feeling it, you know, you’re dealing with something more of a toy than a high-end product,” D’Onofrio explained.

However, the counterfeiters have gotten so sophisticated, it’s often difficult to tell.

“It’s very difficult for the average American person to go and look and say that they’re not getting what they think they’re getting,” D’Onofrio said.

If you suspect someone is selling counterfeit goods, you can report it at or by using the Homeland Security Investigations tip line, 1-866-DHS-2-ICE.

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Three Long Lasting Fragrances by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker launched the Covet in 2008 and Lovely back in 2005, which was really a tame and quiet perfume, it became hugely popular as a celebrity perfume. The Covet of Parker is one of the most aggressive, impulsive, irresistible and indulged aromatic perfume.

  1. Covet

covet-perfumeThe perfume opens with the top note of Sicilian, geranium leaves, lavender, warm chocolate and lemon notes. The heart notes of this perfume include magnolia, lily and honeysuckle, while the base note of Covet includes deeper and darker smell of musk, Vetiver, amber, teal wood and cashmere wood.


Unlike other celebrity perfumes Covet of Sarah Jessica all notes blend together perfectly and the credit of this blending smell goes to the perfumers Ann Gottlieb and Frank Volki. It has a long lasting impressive smell. Covet has subtle smell and can impress anyone.

2) Lovely

sarah-jessica-parker-perfume-lovely-150x150The silky white amber aroma of Lovely by Sarah Parker has the notes of bergmont, lavender, patchouli, mandarin, rosewood, cedar, orchids, musk, woods and apple. The top no,e of Lovely is woodsy and citrusy and the middle layer is not over powering even it is quite subtle. While the bottom layer of Lovely is musk, woody and involves amber and cedar.

The smell of Lovely is subtle, so do not enter in the room before women, who wear it and has the tremendous long lasting ability. As the scent stays close to the human skin so cannot be smelt from far distance. It does not mean for those who are looking for a bold smell perfume.

Lovely can be categorized as an impressive scent and can be worn on any casual or sophisticated occasions. The ultimate feminine smell of Lovely can attract anyone.

3) Stash

150_cwStash is a celebrity perfume by Sarah Parker and is all about cognac, body odour and leather fragrance. The notes of Stash include massoia, black pepper, pistachio, olibanum, rusk, wood, ginger, lily and it sounds quite positive. Even, when it will be sprayed then surely give you the smell of grapefruit and touch of floral. For those who do not like strong smell, it wont be a good aromatic perfume. So all non perfumers guys do not buy this celebrity perfume as you may find the smell of Stash quite powerful. It remains close to the body and can remind you about Vetiver. This masculine fragrance is popular due to its notes and everlasting bold fragrance, which can be worn on any occasion

A Best Christmas Gifts She Will Never Forget

In most countries of the world, Christmas is celebrated as a public holiday and major festival. On this day of Christmas even many men find it difficult to find a suitable offering for her, whether she can be his mother, wife or girlfriend. You can please her by giving a nice gift of fragrance or perfume this time. It can be more sensuous and delicate gift for her. It can even help you to brace your relationship. Most women consider perfume as their cosmetic, decorative item. It is at the topmost position of the Christmas day gift this year.


Women always like perfumes, as it increases and boost up their confidence and improve their overall look and make them happy. You can sweeten up her Christmas season or holiday season by gifting her aroma of her choice. Here are a few of the recommended fragrances for her:

  1. Gucci

26122885-4346Well, nobody can judge a book through its cover, but if she is someone who loves attractive packaging, then a perfume gift set of Gucci can be a treat for her. It can please the women with its top note aroma and this signature fragrance can make her happy.

  1. Elizabeth

elizabeth-arden-original-perfume-400998t-01Elizabeth is an aromatic and aesthetic treat for women. She can save the sophisticated scent of Elizabeth for her special occasion. The clear duality can be revealed just by one spritz, which Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen tried to create through the fragrance.

  1. Chloe Gift Set

30785_stockzoomedThe women whose personality vary from day to day Chole Gift set can be best suited for such modern women. The pink packaging of this perfume with enhanced notes of cedar wood, peony, lily of the valley, honey and amber makes it more attractive and feminine. It can leave a long lasting impression on her.

  1. Dolce and Gabbana

dolce-gabbana-by-dolce-gabbana-3-4-oz-eau-de-toilette-spray-for-women-14If you will choose the blue of Dolce and Gabbana, which is a sweet scent, then you may be gifting her the most searched gift or fragrance to her. Having the traces of Sicilian citron, Granny Smith apple and white rose gives it a feminine touch and yet luxe and light aroma, which she will wish to wear everyday.

  1. Christian Louboutin

26150118-3747If you want to give her something luxurious, then it can be best suitable for you. This limited edition fragrance of Christian Louboutin features Bikini Questa Sera, Tornade Blonde and Trouble in Heaven, and all these three fragrances are gorgeous and sultry.

Most Prevalent and Heart Melting 2016 Christmas Offerings

Giving and exchanging gifts on any popular festival or occasion like Christmas is one of the oldest tradition. This tradition was started at the time, when three people came to meet Lord Jesus Christ. If you are also willing and planning to gift something to your family or friend, then the following specific thematic gifts baskets can be given to them and they can be found anywhere online. Following gifts can even make the celebration memorable and excited. The gifts may be.

  1. Santas Sweet Tin

christmas-150x150You can wish your loved ones with a surprising and delighted Santa container. Any container which may have Almonds, sweets, caramels, candy canes or peppermint bar or any other chocolate liked by your loved one, can be included in such Santa themed gift basket.

  1. Festive Gourmet Basket

christmas1-150x150The festive gourmet Gift Basket filled with cookies, cashew Roca, Ghiraelli milk, English Tea cookies, cheese and mocha almonds or Ghirardelli Peppermint Square like assortments can be collected together to make a perfect Christmas specific gift basket.

  1. Holiday Greetings and Beer Combo

holiday-greetings-and-beer-combo-150x150The joy and newness of life can be celebrated with a Holiday Greeting and Beer gift basket. The festive basket filled with Beer, Almonds, Pop chips and Snacks and will be then surely liked by your loved ones on this Christmas occasion

  1. Classic Wine and Snack Gift Basket

classic-wine-and-snack-gift-basket-150x150The silver metal tub, filled with salted caramel cookies, peppermint crunch, Montere Jack cheese and Estrella de Mar Red Wine Blend can be used to fill and arrange the basket. Though you can find them in ready to gift mode.

  1. Holiday Spa Gift Basket

holiday-spa-gift-basketRefreshing and peppermingt themed Christmas Holiday gift basket for Spa lovers can include Shea butter lotion, winter body buffer cream, peppermint frost hand soap, hot cocoa, red velvet cookies and chocolate bar.

  1. Dried Fruit Box

dried-fruit-box-150x150Any decorated box, which is filled with dry fruits can be an elegant and unique gift for Christmas like occasions. The wooden box can be a perfect gift for the Christmas and please every receiver. So this Christmas you can gift these gift baskets to your loved one.

Which Perfume is for You?

Often people see perfume as a functional product, which makes them fresh and give a good smell. Mostly they stock one bottle, which they spray a few minutes ago before going to a party or on a date. Most of the times the bottle is thrown in dustbin either due to expiry date or the thought that it has gone bad after two or three years of manufacturing.

Still there are people, who seize perfumes a source of pleasant smell and own huge collection of number of fragrances. So if you do not stock perfume and want to know that which you should keep in your wardrobe, then this blog is the answer for your arised queries, related to perfumes. According to occasion you can choose them:

  • Fragrance for Summer

The hot weather of summers usually decrease the longevity of the perfumes, so some fragrances like those having musk and woody fragrances are not suitable for the summers, while those having fresh marine and citrusy notes, herbal and green notes can be perfect for scrotching summers.
Suggested perfumes for women are See by Chole, Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein or Dot by Marc Jacobs, while for men the suggested ones are Bvlgari Aqua Marine, Versace man Eau Fraiche or Encounter by Calvin Klein.

  • Fragrances for Evening Party or Date

Mostly people choose the remarkable and strong fragrances for evening dates. A few seductive notes includes musk and vanilla, but you may wish to feel the smell of the perfume whole evening, which can be achieved with vetiver and amber notes, which can stay longer. A few suggested fragrances for women are Crystal Noir by Versace, Alien by Thierry Mugler or Lady Million by Paco Rabanne while for men these can be Eros by Versace, Encre Noire by Lalique or Brit Rhythm by Burberry.

  • Office Fragrance

While going to work it is quite hard even to choose the perfect outfit, but choosing the correct perfume for that outfil is equally difficult. The perfumes having strong aroma are not suitable for office, instead you must choose the one having citrusy, light and clean fragrance, which can keep you fresh throughout the day and won’t suffocate your colleagues as well. A few of the such suggested fragrances for men are The One by Dolce and Gabbana, Boss Bottled Sport, Gucci by Gucci Made to Measure and for women the suitable ones can be Boss Jour by Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani She by Giorgio Armani and Dsquared2 She Wood.

Sprit Brightening Christmas Offering Ideas

Christmas is the day when everyone wants to gift something special to his loved ones. A gift can sweeten the holiday even. Sometimes it may become difficult to find a perfect gift for everyone. Even sometimes the gifts are not the perfect reflection of our intention and emotions. Here from this article, you can get the gift ideas, which may be perfect for anyone, whom you love the most. It is like a custom these days to wish Merry Christmas with a specific Christmas gift. The colorful gift boxes, wrapped with gift paper and tied up with glistening ribbons can make your Christmas enthusiastic.

Though, you may gift anything on the Christmas like a pretty flower or gift basket or chic jewelry. You can never fall short of the gift ideas nowadays. A few of the most popular and liked Christmas gifts may be:

  • Christmas Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are one of the wonderful Christmas gift idea, which you can gift to your loved one. Either you can make them for your friend or buy the ready to gift Christmas Gift Basket online. The baskets, stuffed with cookies, chocolates and other little surprises like a teddy are packed beautifully and can be gifted to anyone on this celebratory day.


  • Sweater Snack Tower

The sweater snack baskets are humorous and they are filled with savory and sweet goodies, which may include malt balls, mint chocolate, graham crackers, jelly beans, chocolate truffles or gingerbread biscotti. These tower shaped gift baskets can be gifted to someone with whom you share humorous relationship.

  • Dried Fruit Box

Cool Christmas Dry fruit boxes either antique or handmade not only looks attractive, instead will surely be liked by every recipient. The gift boxes are usually filled with yummy and healthy dry fruits like Almonds and nuts and look elegant. These boxes are long lasting and even can be suitable for all age group persons.

  • Holiday Bucket

A surprising and delighted holiday bucket is able to strike the right chord of someone whom you love the most. For this Christmas season you can gift the famous holiday bucket, which contain Almond Roca, Godiva dark chocolate cashew, rolled chocolate pastry, creamy brie and caramel square.

Three Most Prominent and Alluring Feminine Fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances have been one of the utmost favourites and admired wearable for the people. Even in the historical days, the most famous and beautiful women have had their perfume wardrobe and signature perfumes and at that time women scent, which is also known as perfume was like a jewel for them.

For every occasion there is a perfume, which can be suitable and appropriate for that, even in social gatherings. The choice of perfume depends on the type of people, whom you want to impress with your perfume. Judging the personality on the basis of their smell, using his sense of smell is human tendency. Truly pheromones have a huge attraction power.

Perfumes and fragrances cannot only be suitable for love and romance, instead they can work a lot in marking your identity, especially when you have to impress someone special either personally or professionally. People do judge the grooming styles and general aura on the basis of your fragrance.

Here a few of the perfumes are listed, suitable for some of the most common occasions. These fragrances can be a reason to achieve your dream job; or to find your soul mate.

Situation1:  Going to your First Date


Suggested Perfume:  Dolce and Gabbana The One

dolce_gabbana-the_oneFloral aroma and sweet vanilla has been iconic for romance. This perfume bottle of Dolce and Gabbana is filled with warm and sweet feminine fragrance. The perfume bottle is pretty attractive and sexy. The top notes of the perfume are bergamot and peach. Flowers like jasmine, lily are the heart nodes of Dolce and Gabbana The One.

Size:  2.5Oz

Situation2:  Roaming Around in the Evening


Suggested Perfume:  Dior Addict

256046If you’re planning to have an evening walk on the city roads, especially in summers, then Dior Addict can be the best wearable perfume for you. The Dior Addict has feminine odor of jasmine as its heart note. Jasmine, which is an expensive essential oils and is being used by many perfume makers, since the smell of jasmine can attract and worn by every woman. The perfume also has heavy notes of Tonka and vanilla. It comes in the 1.7Oz bottle.

Size:  1.7Oz

Situation3:  Dream Job Interview or to impress your Boss


Suggested Perfume:  Shalimar

822898_fpx-tifEntrancing, Voluptuous and with alacrity and underlying sharpness, Shalimar smells perfectly and can be worn with white formal shirt and heels and classic lipstick. The women, who wants to be the most admired and deserving on her workplace, this perfume bottle can boost her confidence level. The perfume is completely classic and comes in 1.7Oz bottle.

Size:  1.7Oz

Tips to Choose Seductive Fragrances for Men and Women

The quintessential and fascinating smell of perfumes can affect all the races on earth. One of the most popular and adopted ways to rejuvenate is to wear your signature scent. Fragrances are admired and liked due to soft tones and long lasting aromas. Men and Women both can buy their specific fragrances. Women’s fragrances must have milder effect to ionize her lure and exquisiteness, while men’s fragrance must have a ravishing smell. Here from this article, you can read the tips to select the best perfumes for men and women.


Selecting Men’s Fragrances

For men’s perfume, you must avoid the fruity and flowery feminine smell, instead you must select the fragrance having solid base notes of vanilla, rosewoods and sandalwood mix, the woody orientation can give it a masculine touch. As another option you can select the base notes of a mix of capsicum, nutmeg, tobacco, pepper, tonka bean here as a middle note you can search for a touch of cedar and Vetiver. These notes can result into a perfect masculine fragrance. For top notes a splash of lemon, neroli, bergamot, lemon, coriander can give an earthy, evoking and dark masculine aroma.

Selecting Women’s Fragrances

A women’s perfume or fragrance can match the occasion, skin chemistry, outfit and her mood. Prior to buying any fragrance, women must try to choose the fragrance according to her profession and occasion, like you can check whether you are going to a party or office or any other formal engagement? Which personality do you have experimental and young or established and mature?

The top, middle and base note selection can give you a perfect fragrance according to the occasion. The top note or the 1st impression of them may include ylang ylang, aldehydes and neroli which can melt away in a few hours and then middle and base notes dominates the fragrance structure. As top note the women can choose the fragrances of a floral like vanilla touch and the base notes of musk, amber, vetiver, sandalwood or musk or a light derivative of men’s fragrance like tonks bean.

You can give a try to celebratory perfumes as well. Celebrity launched and allured perfumes like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spear, Elizabeth Taylor and many more are around us which can give you a luxurious and flaunting touch. They can be one of the best perfumes for women. You can wearing perfumes in your everyday life. A trendy desire to reflect your style and status can be attained by wearing your favourite fragrance and perfumes. For more information of all types of women fragrances visit – cheap women’s fragrances

Top 10 best Celebrity Perfumes

Everybody loves perfumes and fragrances, since they can change our mood and able to conjure up memories and images. The smell of perfumes is associated with celebrities so their celebrity factor has been combined with fragrances, which creates ‘scentertainment’.


The perfumes of celebrities reflect their personality. In 1987 Elizabeth Taylor launched White Diamonds and since then her success inspired other celebrities to jump in the brandwagon of fragrances. Today, the celebrities from sports, music industry and movie starts are alunching their signature perfumes. Though Elizabeth Taylor is one of the top selling fragrance, but other smells are also in limelight, here is the list of top 10 best smells:

1) Meow by Katy Perry
imgpsh_fullsizeIt was launched in the year 2011 and has a blend of jasmine, gardenia, lily of the valley, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. Katy Perry launched Meow, the Eau De Parfum and it come in size 3.4oz.

2) I fancy you by Jessica Simpson

s-l200It is a fresh, sporty and light smelling perfume by Jessica Simpson. It is an easy to wear perfume, having notes of peer and apple. One can not notice the smell, unless he will be near to the wearer, is one of the easy to wear fragrance.

3) Curious Britney Spears

imgpsh_fullsize (3)

One can be completely obsessed with Curious by Britney Spears. Curious was launched in 2004 an is a long lasting fragrance. It can turn into greenish-yellow shade and gives stinking smell. For quick use this fragrance is ultimate and have the motes of mangolina, tuberose and pear.

4) Girlfriend by Justin Bieber

imgpsh_fullsize (4)

Teenager girls loves this perfume apparently and it smells pretty good.  Having sophisticated  and ingenious aroma with citrus notes. The base notes are musk and vanilla, which gives it a nice smell. Due to its subtle smell, it could be unnoticed, due to subtle smell.

5) Glow by Jennifer Lopez


Glow by Jennifer Lopez can give you rhythm of attraction and excitement. It is one of the best smelling fragrances in celebrity scent range. Glow has the floral notes of vanilla and amber and can create clean and fresh scent.

6) Wonderstruck Taylor Swift
imgpsh_fullsize (1)

With top notes of green tea and raspberry, this fragrance can be worn during summers. Though the bottle is quite stylish but the perfume smells really good.

7) White diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor
imgpsh_fullsize (2)

Elizabeth Taylor’s white diamond is on the top of the list and is most popular, she launched it in 1991. White Taylor has the notes of lily, sandalwood, amber and oak mass. It reflects Elizabeth’s glamourous and sensual style.

8) Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker


Lovely by Sarah Jessica is a perfume with classy and seductive aroma. Fragrance has the soft notes of citrus mixed with rosewood, with a little lavender touch. It can be best suited for style icons.

9) Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian launched this fragrance in 2009 and is a feminine blend. With floral notes, it is one of the ost wearable perfume by girls. Kim Kardashian has the notes of soft florals like pink jasmine and a touch of spices.

10) Paris Hilton Can Can


It is like a go getter fragrance and has floral notes and was launched by Paris Hilton in 2007, it has the floral notes of orange blossom =, musk, nectarine, woods and amber. It is Eau de Parfum and a deep orient inspired scent.

A Look Back at Over 60 Years of Miss Dior

In honor of the Miss Dior exhibit in Paris, we present an exclusive retrospective on that classic fruity-chypre fragrance throughout the years.


For the house of Christian Dior, creating a signature perfume was never an afterthought meant to make an extra buck. In fact, fragrance was so inherent to the couturier that one was introduced in tandem with the first runway show in 1947. Now in honor of that earliest eau, Miss Dior, the brand has curated an exhibition of the scent in Paris, in which 15 artists have been invited to create original pieces inspired by that fruity-chypre juice. Here, we present an exclusive retrospective on Miss Dior throughout the years. (Get your Pinterest boards ready for the drool-worthy vintage images.)

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