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“Your Fragrance is your scented slogan which is invisible and yet an accessory you can’t do without.”

Who doesn’t wish to smell good? We all do, but obviously not at the cost of burning a hole in your pocket. Giftexpress has been in the fragrance market for more than five years now and is here to fulfil your aim of smelling good all the time. We, the Giftexpress pride ourselves on being the leading authority on fragrances, which offers up to 80% discounted rates on retail store prices. We have varied branded fragrances to suit your mood and personality. Our major aim is to provide our customers with 100% original and new perfumes at the best possible rate in the market. The desire to smell good and feel great is now turning into a reality for all men and women with www.giftexpress.com.

We offer amazing fragrances from all around the world. Our sole dream is to make perfumes and fragrances very affordable and accessible. We have set up an online venue for our customers to purchase designer fragrances at reasonable prices without even moving out of the safety of their homes. We are bringing the fragrance shopping experience right to your computer for ultimate satisfaction and convenience. We buy our perfumes directly from the manufacturers and authorized dealers. Being true to our commitment of giving you the best and most original product, we do not meddle with the packaging and hence, the fragrances are received by you in manufacturer original packaging.

There are very few places from where you can get your hands on almost all international fragrance brands without being worried about their authenticity,and; Giftexpress is one of them. We have a wide range of fragrances for you to choose from. Our motive is to provide you with fragrances that are beyond best. Giftexpress is that one-stop shop for all your fragrance needs. Our International fragrance range includes Eau de Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau de Cologne,Eau Fraiche, Body Sprays, Body Mist and Deodorants at rock bottom prices. We check the products several times for their quality before they reach you.

Why are we the best?

Giftexpress is proud about the fact that it is the purveyor of the finest men and women fragrances . If you purchase your fragrances from departmental stores or retail shops, they can cost you a small fortune, but not when you buy them from www.giftexpress.com. Fragrances are everyone’s need but not all can afford to spend so much money on branded perfumes and scents. How we keep our fragrances’ prices low is no rocket science. The retail selling involves a lot of middlemen; we only eliminate those middlemen and directly buy products from the manufacturer which cuts down the cost by more than half of what you get in shopping malls or perfume stores. Also, by selling online we save on a lot of infrastructural cost and other expenses that big retailers have, so the savings that we make are passed on to our customers in the form of discounted prices for genuine products.

100% Authenticity Guarantee

We give 100% product guarantee to our customers. We aim to make lifelong customers, so imitations and knock –offs are a complete No when it comes to shopping from www.giftexpress.com.

From day one in the market Giftexpress has only toiled to bring the best fragrances to their customers. We have been forever trying to expand our fragrance ranges, following the ‘in-thing’ and trends and keeping the stock of all fragrances to fit everyone’s requirements and budget. From time to time we keep updating our stock and build relationships with brands to bring to you top-notch and brand new releases as soon as they are launched. We also make sure that the brands or the best-known fashion labels offer us products at low prices. The huge collection of fragrances on our website is influenced by the latest ongoing innovations and trends.

Find your Perfume Persona with Us

Giftexpress is the best website that brings to you a shopping experience like never before. Our website makes shopping much easier and hassle-free than ever before. With the help of the descriptors or the fragrance note on every product, you can now know which scent would suit the occasion and your mood best. Pay close attention and read through the fragrance note to see if it really fits your style or not. The easy access and fragrance notes can get you what you love in just a couple of clicks.

They say the fragrance is the key to memories; so shop now from www.giftexpress.com and make memories with us and your loved ones that would last forever and ever.

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