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  1. Dunhill Desire Blue By Alfred Dunhill

    Dunhill Desire Blu...

    Eau De Toilette

    As Low As     $21.95
  2. Ed Hardy By Christian Audigier

    Ed Hardy for Men

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $19.95
  3. XY By Hugo Boss

    Hugo XY

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $32.95
  4. Excellence By Jaguar

    Jaguar Excellence

    Eau De Toilette

    As Low As     $16.95
  5. Presence By Mont Blanc

    Mont Blanc Presenc...

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $21.95
  6. Pasha De Cartier Edition Noire Sport By Cartier

    Pasha De Cartier E...

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $69.95
  7. Top Seller
    Polo Green By Ralph Lauren

    Polo Green by Ralp...

    Eau De Toilette

    As Low As     $13.95
  8. Royall Muske All Purpose Cologne By Royall Fragrances

    Royall Muske All P...

    Cologne Splash

    Special Price $42.95
  9. I Am King By Sean John

    Sean John I Am Kin...

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $22.50
  10. Iii By Ungaro

    Ungaro Iii

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $18.50
  11. Usher UR By Usher

    Usher UR for Men

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $22.95
  12. Wings By Giorgio Beverly Hills

    Wings for Men by G...

    Eau De Toilette

    As Low As     $10.95
  13. Bogart Pour Homme By Jacques Bogart

    Bogart Pour Homme

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $14.95
  14. Hollister Wave By Hollister

    Hollister Wave for...

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $18.50
  15. Amouage Epic By Amouage

    Amouage Epic for M...

    Eau De Parfum

    Special Price $159.95
  16. Pour Lui By Oscar De La Renta

    Oscar Pour Lui

    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $16.95
  17. Hollister Wave 2 By Hollister


    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $17.95
  18. Hollister Free Wave By Hollister


    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $18.95
  19. ECLAT DARPEGE By Lanvin


    Eau De Toilette

    Special Price $20.95
  20. Celebrate Parfum By Pepe Jeans London

    Pepe Jeans Celebra...

    Eau De Parfum

    Special Price $24.95

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What Is the Best Men's Cologne for You?

The best cologne for you is highly personal and depends on various factors such as your preferences, body chemistry, and lifestyle. At Gift Express, we offer a men's cologne sale that features an array of fragrances from brands like Versace, Dior, and Armani. Whether you're into expensive men’s cologne or looking for a discount, you're sure to find a perfect match.

What Is the Top-Selling Men's Cologne?

The top-selling men's cologne varies but classic fragrances like Chanel Bleu and Dior Sauvage consistently draw a broad audience. These scents, available in our men’s perfume sale, blend a range of notes, creating a versatile aroma that appeals to many. Whether you are seeking a luxury perfume for men or a budget-friendly option, we've got you covered.

What Are the Top Ten Men's Fragrances?

The top ten men's fragrances frequently include classics and contemporary hits from brands like Tom Ford, Creed, and Giorgio Armani. These often feature in our men’s fragrance sale, ensuring you access to the most sought-after aromas at competitive prices. From high-end men's cologne to affordable finds, we've got it all.Read More

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Men's Cologne?

Gift Express is a premier destination for purchasing men's cologne. We offer a vast selection of fragrances, from high end men's cologne to men’s cologne on sale, all at competitive prices. With us, you can shop with confidence, knowing you're getting authentic, top-quality scents every time.

Which men's fragrance gets the most compliments?

Fragrances like Creed Aventus or Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gio are renowned for garnering compliments. However, the "compliment factor" often depends on how a scent interacts with your body chemistry. At Gift Express, we offer these and more as part of our designer perfumes for men collection.

What is the number 1 men's cologne of all time?

Naming a single cologne as the number one of all time is challenging, given the subjective nature of scent preferences. However, certain classics like Chanel's Egoiste and YSL's La Nuit De L'Homme, often found in our men’s cologne on sale, are celebrated for their enduring appeal.

What is the best selling perfume in the world for men?

The title of the best selling perfume for men in the world can vary, but some scents are consistently featured in our men’s perfume sale. Iconic fragrances like Dior's Sauvage and Paco Rabanne's 1 Million have achieved global recognition and popularity due to their distinctive scent profiles and the brands' strong reputation for quality.

What is the top 10 men's perfume?

The top 10 men's perfumes often include classic and trending scents from luxury brands such as Hermes, Creed, and Tom Ford. These lists frequently change, reflecting the dynamic nature of the fragrance world. At Gift Express, we strive to keep our selection current, offering you the trendiest and most beloved scents.

What is the most popular men's cologne?

The most popular men's cologne can change based on trends, seasons, and individual preferences. However, classics like Versace Eros or Bleu De Chanel often rank high in popularity. These fragrances, part of our men’s cologne on sale, boast a blend of notes that appeal to a wide audience.

What smells great on a man?

Fragrances that blend woodsy, spicy, or fresh aquatic notes often smell great on men. Collections like Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue and Tom Ford's Oud Wood, often featured in our high-end men's cologne range, offer a variety of such appealing scents. Whether you're shopping for an expensive men’s perfume or looking for a discount cologne for men, you can explore and find your signature scent with Gift Express.Read Less