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Versace Bright Crystal

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Product Code: GXPI-1462
Variation: Eau De Toilette


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  • Launched in 2006,Bright Crystal is a playful women's scent with fruity, musky accents derived from pomegranate, yuzu, frosted accord, peony, magnolia, lotus plant, amber musk and mahogany.It is recommended for casual, everyday wear.
  • Nice rich scent. Lots of compliments coming from the people. It is soft and sensual perfume.

  • My boyfriend bought this scent for me last year.Bright Crystal is very pleasant and charming feminine fragrance, not too overpowering. Due to these features, it is very easy to wear at any occasion.

  • I will describe this fragrance as a soft and floral aromatic scent. Its fruity notes make it as a great fragrance. I love this fragrance. I will buy it again from this seller

  • I tried this fragrance as a sample at a department store. I liked its fibulae scent very much. I bought two bottles of this fragrance. As a comparison, I also bought this fragrance from here. The product was authentic and carefully packed. Highly recommended!!

  • Love it very much. Because it's quite inoffensive fragrance and suitable for daytime wear. I love this perfume very much.

  • Absolutely! Satisfied with this fragrance and prices I got from this website. This is my favorite online store where I can find all brand new and authentic fragrances.

  • Smell does not last for long time. I am not impressed with it. Remarkable shipping service

  • This is my favorite perfume due to its light and clean feminine notes. It has a wonderful delicate smell that lasts all day. I would recommend it to my friends to try it.

  • My wife was extremely pleased to see how big the bottle was….. Best deal! Excellent price!!!

  • It has a very sharp, fresh scent. It fits on my skin and mood. Definitely, I am glad to buy it the first time.

  • I love it so much because it smells so clean, refreshing, light, sweet and mellow. When I apply this fragrance, it lasts long on my skin. Very youthful and innocent scent ever!!!

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